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Marantz NA7004 Trobleshooting

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Didn't see this thread anywhere so I though I'd start one mainly due to some problems I'm having with streaming 16B and 24Bit FLAC files to the NA7004.  Any feedback would be appreciated.


Issue: I just connected the NA7004 to a wireless bridge via ethernet cable.  It recognizes both my shared music folder on the server as well as my Logitech Media Server.  Not only is it having difficult seeing any FLAC files it will not play them over the bridge.  When I hooked it up directly to the router it found all the files and played all but the 24/192 which I believe it will not support (through LMS).


Question:  Any ideas on what is causing the problem: the bridge?  The DLNA? LMS?  Would a PowerLine adapter work better?


I'm kinda of a noob when it comes to networking but I'm persistent and can usually get these things to work after a few frustrating evenings.  I'm also in the process of setting up an external drive to connect directly to the NA7004 USB input which leads to my next question:


Question: I understand that the USB input will not support 24bit but if I run it through a USB/ SPDIF converter like a VLink will it play the 24 bit files and still allow me control from the iPhone app?


If anybody has experience with the NA7004 and can recommend the easiest way to play 250GB of music files and allow me to control them with a iPad/ iPhone/ Android app without having to use iTunes (I'd use Airplay if it is OK with LMS and not iTunes) please advise.

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Sorry not able to help other than I use a power line adapter for my connection which works well I use Airplay with ITunes and have no issues with Airplay/itunes control via ipad iphone cp etc. I am very happy with my NA7004.

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