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Headphones, Earbuds and Amp suggestions - Help me get a decent setup :)

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Hi everyone,


First post on the forum,even though i've been scrolling on it for a while now. ;)

I'm looking to renew pretty much my whole headphone setup.  Im looking for new headphones, a new pair of earbuds (for portability when im on the go) and a decent desktop amplifier to connect my computer to.  I actually do not have a dedicated soundcard on this computer, its integrated to the motherboard. Why am I changing everything?  Well I either broke, lost or want to upgrade my current equipment.


Since I plan on buying these 3 items, I need to go easy on my credit card and look for the best bang-for-the-buck.

Here is my starting budget (suggestions are welcome to adjust it):
100-200$ range for the headphones (willing to pay more if its worth it)

100-200$ for the earbuds

??? for the amplifier (since im pretty noob when it comes to headphones amp)

Im looking for suggestions :)

I am looking for good fidelity and a decent bass since I listen to a wide selection of genres (mainly Indie rock, EDM, metal/hardcore).  I dont care much for the looks or anything else but the SQ.


Thanks in advance audiophiles,




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Hi Alex welcome to headfi!

Some starting suggestions for ya:

Headphones: vmoda m80, semmheiser hd 25 ii, sennheiser momentum on ear, philips fidelio L1

Earphones: philips S2, sony xba 3, monsters gratitude (which r super cheap right now), vsonic gr07 or gr07 BE (bass edition)

Amp: might want to think of a budget but for atarters the fiio line could work. I also highly suggest the ibasso line. The ibasso d zero comes to mind as it acts as a dac and soundcard as well!
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Thanks for the great suggestions! the GR07 BE are on my list... they seem good! Philips Fidelio 1 were also something I had in mind.  What do you think of the Magni + Modi combo?

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The gr07 is probably more detailed than any of the over ear or on ear in the price range. Theyre also not the beat portable in ear since they dot isolate as well as other in ears. Still better than over ears though.

I havent heard the magni modi stack so i cant comment. From what ive heard theyre nice and detailed but slightly leanig towards more analytical sound?
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I'm gonna jump into this thread...


I'm also looking for an upgrade over stock apple earbuds.  I see the Gratitudes for only $60???  I'm guessing at that price point, it's definitely what I should go with?  Any major issues with those?

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They sound fantastic for 60 bucks. Only gripe is that their fit is pretty damn awful. But they it the need of a cheap pirtable earphone that im not afraid of breaking. The build is nice and doesnt seem like theyll break anytime soon. Definitely a step up from the usual monsters build quality
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pretty much anything is better than the Iphone earbuds ;)

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i disagree with that completely =P

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Christ I dont even want to know what kind of bad earphones you've heard to say this. D:  To my experience, anything i've heard in the same price range was better...

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honestly for its price its not bad... there r a lot worse out there *coughskullcandycough*

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oh yeah. I guess you're right!  but the upgrade is worth it  :)

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haha oh yes by all means its worth it haha XD

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Im currently looking for 400$ headphones with a decent amp and DAC... hd650 caught my eye if I can find a good deal.  There would also be the HE400 and the SoundMAGIC HP200.  What should I get?

Would tubes be better?  M+M looks decent but is it enough?  Is there a combo within 300$ that would be better?

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Hd 650 is a great choice i would hoghly recommend. Tubes wouldnt be the beat choice to go with those though
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Do you know good tubes amps that are affordable?

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