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What is the best headphone for the iPhone 5S (no external amp) running MOG streaming at 320 kbps?  (I know, I know, compressed audio blows and I really should use a headphone amp, but this is most convenient for me right now and I don't want to deal with the hassle of carrying extra gear and buying new CDs to rip to my computer).


I just bought a set of Etymotic HF3s, with custom earplugs on the way.  I am interested to hear if someone has a better recommendation than that for in-ear headphones.


However, I primarily started this thread to pick the best possible full-size or on-ear, open or closed-back headphones for the iPhone 5S/MOG.  I currently own an old set of Sennheiser HD590s that I want to replace.  They have a 120 ohm impedance and I believe a 97db sensitivity.  They sound ok, but they really aren't the right choice for running compressed audio straight out of the iPhone 5S headphone jack.


Here is what I have tried so far:


Sennheiser Momentum sounded very good, with decent dynamics, but I couldn't get past the on-ear setup with the small earcups.  And for $350, they didn't blow away the HD-598.


Sennheiser HD598:  I did some quick listening from a pair pulled brand new out of the box at a retail store, but they sounded noticeably brighter than the Momentum.  So bright that they became fatiguing listening to MOG and iTunes.  Maybe they needed a lot of time to break in and I am making a mistake here?


Sennheiser HD558:  Still haven't tried these yet, but was hoping they would eliminate the edgy brightness I heard in the HD598.  Is the HD558 a better choice for iPhone 5S/MOG than the HD598?


Other headphones?  I'm willing to consider anything.  Obviously, there is a point of diminishing returns here since the iPhone 5S output and compressed MOG are the choke points in my audio chain.  Are there any good full-size headphones that have optimized impedance and sensitivity for running straight out of an iPhone?  I don't have the time to audition a bunch of cans and I may not be making the best decision if break-in time will impact this decision.


What do you guys recommend?