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help with comparing few closed cans pls

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Accidently posted this in the wrong forum, so just going to copy and paste my post since it doesnt appear to be moved, if anyone could shed some light that'd be greatly appreciated.

mdr-1r vs momentum vs ath-es10 vs ath-ws99

I realize there are a good chunk of threads comparing the Sony to the Sennheiser (and kind of leaning momentum between those two at the moment), but not with the two AT's which kind of intruiged me. Others that may edge these out, for my purposes, are of course also welcome to be mentioned. I wouldnt consider myself a real audiophile, more just someone who enjoys good sound, at best a noob audiophile. smily_headphones1.gif

Looking for a closed can that is a bit fun sounding, warm, dont mind some bass but also not too overpowering. Listen to quite a bit of different music, but mostly rock/metal genres. They'll also be used for movies/tv, and maybe some gaming. So looking for them to be quite all around.

Sources at the moment consists of a laptop and a nexus 4, Fiio E07k caught my eye.

When reading about the AT's it seems most seem to be very happy with them, someone even saying they're the cans to beat and they may not get the recognition they deserve since they more available in Asia than the rest of the world. They certainly seem fun sounding from the sound of it, but for rock/metal and fast paced music in general maybe they're not the best fit? Too bass heavy? I dont want some thin analytical sound, just concerned there may be too much bass. Also had a quick look at the ath-es700 as well, they're quite a bit cheaper than the above so not sure how well they'd stack up, but read quite a bit of good about their predecessor es7. I'm just quite curious overall how these AT's overall stack up against the usual suspects of fun sounding mid-range portable closed headphones.

Also interested in which is better value, prices available to me currently seems to be
(es700 €50-60 less than mdr-1r/ws99)
mdr-1r and ws99 about the same price
momentum an additional €50 or so
es10 an additional €50-60 from the momentums
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none will do metal well but for rock, the ES10 will do nicely. the the best all rounder in the list given i'd have to give it to the ES700 but given it's closer to neutral it will not sound as good for rock. I've never heard the WS99 but i did try the WS55...it didn't really do it for me.


a_recording has already done a comparison of the different models listed:



his full review of the ES700


and the ES10

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I haven't heard the es10 but the WS99 is overall the best, but none of these are suited for metal.
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Thanks for the input, both of you. I'll be watching through those reviews in a little bit. Are there any other obvious candidates I should be looking at?

Looked around a bit more at pricing today and come accross the ws99 for $150 new, but after shipping, taxes and customs I'm guessing they'll land around $210-220. Also saw a couple of momentums in the Sale section on here close to being new that would land around $270.

Will do more research, and hopefully more people chime in here. smily_headphones1.gif
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