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I don't think I've ever had this many tabs open in firefox before.  I'm actually getting lost in my own tab matrix.  So check it out!  I have two awesome bookshelf speakers I purchased last year for ~ 700$.  Two days ago I decided to buy a the Audioengine D1 DAC / Headphone Amp for the speakers to see if I could squeeze out more juicy sound waves from these glorious speakers of mine which continue to impress me every time I turn them on.


Before I start with anything else let me first state something:  Being a former United States Marine I used to spend every weekend at the range shooting.  Sometimes with and without ear plugs.  Many times I would be on the flight line without ear muffs as well.  Being a long term lover of dirt bikes and streetbikes I also used to wear in ear skull candy headphones (which are the loudest in ear headphones I've ever come across to date) and I would always listen to them at full volume.  I did this for approximately 4 years.  I've also always had a 2000$ stereo system in my silverado which I used to drive around with at full volume on a daily basis.  How much do you think this may have affected my hearing ability?  Do you think it would even be justifiable given my past to spend the amount of money which I am willing to spend on a good pair of cans?  Thank you for your input.


Alright now on to the meat.  I think I'm finally ready for a real pair of HiFi headphones.  I've used this site for years in order to purchase good DJ equipment, stereo equipment, and find the best stylish headphones.  My price range for headphones has always generally been around 200$.  I currently own some Allen & Heath Xone XD-50's which are spectacular headphones I should say, especially for those interested in electronic music or hip hop.  Extremely durable DJ headphones.  You could take these things to war and they would come back with you in one piece.  I also own some of the Monster's new DNA headphones.  I know Monster get's a bad rap around here but I actually purchased them only because of the good reviews I've read about them here on this very website.


The problem with my new Monster DNA headphones is the sound stage.  It's non-existant.  At least to my inexperienced ears.  I don't think I even knew what a sound stage was until I began experimenting with the differences between my on ear DNA headphones and my over ear XD-50's.  It's completely apparent that the sound stage can truly elevate your listening experience.  I sometimes revert to my XD-50's just to listen to how open and separated everything is.  Though the DNA's are spectacular headphones and are incredibly fun to listen to they aren't a true "HiFi" experience.  They are a high quality experience and far superior to Beats by Dre but I don't think they are an audiophile experience at all.  They don't make me go "wow" like my speakers do.


So here's what I'm looking at:

HD 598's

AKG Q701's

DT 770, 880, & 990

HiFi Man HE-400's

And the HD 650's.


I would be willing to consider the HiFi Man HE-500's as well if someone could talk me into it.


Keeping in mind that I may have hearing damage due to my past, what is a justifiable purchase?  At the moment I am kind of leaning towards the HD 650's but I still am not quite sure.  Based on the reviews I've read on this website everyone seems to love all of these headphones equally.  Open or closed headphones doesn't really matter to me to be honest.  These will be used only in my bedroom.  I've got the DNA's to go outside with.  Also I fully intend on using my Audioengine D1 DAC / Headphone amp to power whichever headphone I may end up getting.  I'm not sure if that should play into my purchasing decision or not.


It's a long post I know and for anyone that actually bothered to read it and responded thank you.

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I have HE 400 and I love them :)

If your budget allows you to go for HE 500, go for it. Make sure you pair a right amp to HE 500.

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