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Denon D600 or HiFiMan HE-400

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Audio Source - ASUS Xonar DG / Zune / Nexus 5

Music - Pop / Hip Hop / Folk

Previous HPs - Beyer DT 770 Pro / Panasonic HTF600S


I did some skimming around and saw two headphones that stuck out to me: Denon D600 and HiFiMan HE-400. The D600 I can get for ~$230 and the HE-400 I can get for $300-400. I heard there are multiple revisions of the HE-400. Which ones would I get if I ordered brand new from HiFiMan/Amazon? If I got it used, which ones should I look for as well?



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I've never tried the hifiman so i cant say much for that. But when I did get to listen to the D600, i found the high's to be super sharp and piercing. The store owner said it was still burning in so that might be why. But even still... it's still the sharpest ive ever really heard and im generally pretty forgiving when it comes to sibilance. Everything else about the D600 is nicely done though. Not much of an input but maybe that's something for ya.

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so if you compare the x1 and d600 and he-400 in regard to sound quality and bass .. which one will you choose ?!! and why ?

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again ive never tried the he 400 but between the x1 vs the d600 id easily go for the x1 just because it has a more laid back and easy to listen to signature. The signature of the D600 is a lot of fun but to me, its fatiguing. I really loved the X1

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I have HE 400 Rev 2 (white grill ones). If you order new HE 400 from amazon, you will get this one. But if you are gonna buy a used one, make sure that they are of rev 2.

Have you looked this one? http://www.head-fi.org/t/687598/he-400-white-drivers-box-all-orignal-pads-and-cable-woo-audio-stand I think, it is a good offer.

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I might be leaning towards a used pair of he400 that way I can pick up the re400 for $400 total. Used to have the Monoprice iems but they weren't all that comfortable to wear. Hoping the re400 are much more durable than my other iems.
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Ordered a pair of HE-400s from Head-Direct since its $300 this weekend and picked up the RE-400s as well.

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congratulations :)

Let us know your feedback about them. Regarding iems, I am a loyal customer of sennheiser cx series (300, 400 II, 550). After trying few different brands, I am settled with cx series. They are comfy for sleeping time ;)

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Hifiman gave a lot of extra ear tips for the re400 including two comfy tips. Haven't used the re400 much however. Enjoying the the he400. Wondering if I should get just the Schiit Magni alone or the Modi with it.
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