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T70 and amp/dac

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Hello everyone, I am new to forums.

Let me tell you something about my music taste. I've been listening to a wide range of music, anything from rock/alternative rock, very little rap and a lot more to dance/house.

I've been looking through the forums for quiet a while now trying to find headphones that will fit my needs, meaning that I like to hear the bass, but I don't want it to overlap everything else, that's why I decided that DT990 are too bassy for me. I have been looking through hd 598, 600 and 650, audiotechnica akgs and others before deciding that t70 will probably fit my needs.

I own a pair of t50p for going out, and I think they lack a little bit of bass, but maybe because I haven't burned them in, and I don't have an amp for them?


My budget is for under 1k, for amp+headphones, so I'd rather get good amp with good headphones rather than T1 with bad amp. (because I believe my choice will be better, am I correct)?


So here are my questions, I've looked on and on, and found that Valhalla amp would fit my needs (or maybe Matrix M-Stage would be better?). I just don't understand how is that different from DAC.

Sorry but I am kind of green in this area, I've been looking through the forum but the abbreviation spin my head. I've never really used any amps so I don't know how this works.

Do you connect your ipod(or whatever player do you use) to amp, and then your cans into amp, and thats it? Or do you also need dac for better sound?
If not, what source should I use for best quality? What does the combo look like?(I mean ipod/amp/cans-- pc/dac/amp/cans?) which is better dac or amp?

Sorry for all of these questions, I am very new to this area.

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Get the Audio-GD NFB-15.32 DAC/Amp, comes with USB/optical/coaxial inputs.

Can plug into any PC or Mac (desktop or laptop).

Sells for $255+ shipping (around $45), my 15.32 cost me $298.

Comes with dual DAC chips (WM8741) and very easily drive the 250-Ohm T70 headphones.

I've been using my 15.32 for two weeks, no regrets, drives all my headphones (nicely).



Try to find a used Beyerdynamic T70, used ones sometimes sell for under $300.

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