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300 $ over ear headphones - Page 2

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what about the ah-d600 denon ??

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They're only ok IMO, but they are bassy like you want them. Plus they have a huge sound stage.
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so i have 3 contenders :

v-moda m-100 with xl pads / X1 / ah-d600


thinking about the denon right now


if you were to compare sound quality between whats up 



edit : lol am head hurts me .. 2 days searching for a headphones based on reviews and opinions only .. wish i was in usa for a couple of hours to settle my mind by myself lol


what about he-400 also and dt990

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What did you go for in the end? I'm also moving on from an X1

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well i bought the denon 600 a while ago .. stronger bass than x1 and a very nice headphone but a bit high on the treble side .. excellent for movies and flac mp3s and good for games .. the only drawback in denon's the cable jacks that fits in the headphones they usually do friction with my shoulders and neck and produce squeaky noise


i am thinking now in buying the x2 after my old nice x1

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The X2 will be nice for watching films, but for you might find the bass roll off a bit of a bummer for music.

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