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Headphone Advice

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Having recently sold my Beyerdynamic T70p I am looking for advice and suggestions for a new headphone for use at home in my office.

These will predominantly be used with my Laptop and O2/ODAC as well as potentially directly out of my iBasso DX50. I am open to suggestions for closed and open headphones as isolation isn't an issue at the moment.

Musical tastes are varied but pretty much include a lot of female vocals in addition to rock, indie, folk, accoustic and some Jazz.....pretty much anything from the 60's through to present day.

I'm after a good all rounder with a sound signature that produces tight bass, strong midrange and highs that aren't fatiguing.

Besides the T70 I have owned the HD650, AH-D2000, Grado SR80i so not interested in these models.

Any suggestions and advice extremely welcome.

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Audio Technica ATH-AD900X, open headphones

I use the ATH-A900X closed version, great for music, guessing the open version is better.

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