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Ok some comparisons.

A900XLTD with only around 50 hours of burn in, w1000x fully burned in.

Took me some time to listen to figure out some difference. After all, we are comparing two mid range closed back audio technicas.

My W1000x has been filled with dust for a long time, even thought of selling it for some time, glad that I didn't though. I can't believe how non-fatiguing it is compared to my th900. Can't believe how fun sounding it was compared to my T1 and he-500. I'm actually enjoying a lot after not listening it for a long long time.


Please note that this is only a very very brief comparison, might come up with some better description after maybe like 2/3 weeks. Please take it with a pinch of salt.

I compared them out of a luxman p1u with two headphones plugged in so I can AB swiftly


Finishing and appearance: A900XLTD hands down, the aero wing design and the two metal straps seems much more robust and well built, the cables look identical, although A900XLTD should have a higher quality 6N cable. I even prefer the metallic finish to the wood finish of the w1000x. A900XLTD just looks sexy appealing (my opinion only), even looks better than my th900 for some reason I don't know why, it just really appeals to me. Oh, a900xltd also felt tighter on my hand, maybe because my w1000x is 2.5 years old.


Sound: Listening with female vocals, the w1000x has slightly more coloration in the mids than a900xltd, sounds a bit sweeter, more lush. The w1000x also sounds a little bit more resolved and brighter than a900xltd and a little bit more detail as well. A900xltd sounded "flatter" in general, I feel like I hear more of the singers voice with the w1000x (not sure if its because of the extra coloration). Btw, playing some J-pop right now, the two phones sounded very similar, w1000x has maybe a bit more treble, maybe my ears are too tired right now to tell the difference. For some tracks, I really can't tell the difference between the two phones, it was only with vocals with less instrument background that I can clearly find the difference. If it wasn't direct ABing and switching very fast between the two phones on repeated tracks, I don't think I can spot the differences. 


Same as another impression comparing these two headphones, I have to say both headphones aren't very fast and tight when compared to something like th900 or T1 (different class anyway). However, I do like how non-fatiguing these two audio technica sound, its a pleasure to my ears. Just enjoy, no more analyzing music.


The w1000x is a better phone hands down, however, I think when I looked at the price in Japan, the w1000x was also much pricer (forgot how much), you don't think Audio techina is going to create something better than the higher priced model right;).....even though it is a limited edition model.


My impression might change as I get more burn in time with a900xltd.

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Just got this headphone today. My local pricing is crazy. 438 SGD free Shure SE215/SPE. That's only ~350 USD. If I were to sell the SE215/SPE away that will only cost me around 300 SGD or 240USD only!!!


Anyways, fantastic sounding headphone, and very great value for money.


I have the ES10 and ESW11LTD too. Let me know if anyone wants some comparisons. But you'll have to wait a while as I have no DAC and AMP now. Just sold it off and pre-ordered a new one few weeks back. New Fostex HP-A4 should be coming this week or next week.


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Where did u get this great deal? Jaben?
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Originally Posted by xanlamin View Post

Where did u get this great deal? Jaben?

Got it from Stereo.

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Thks! It's a great deal!
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Just bought pre-ordered a set of HA22TUBE to pair with the A900XLTD yesterday! Would be arriving by the end on March! :)


It's said on the Taiwanese head-fi forums that the HA22TUBE and A900XLTD is like a match make in heaven.

Tried it myself and was quite satisfied, but it was quite noisy so can't really comment much.

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