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ATH-A900XLTD available in Japan soon

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Has any Audio Technica headphone lover noticed the LTD version of ATH-A900X becoming available in Japan in mid-November? I was planning to get a pair of ATH-W1000X, but I became curious about how the LTD would compare.  The price seems to be double of the basic ATH-A900X, but still lower than W1000X.

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Apart from the color and finishing, the driver and the cables are different from the basic model.


Here a google translation:)



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Any one by chance tried these as of yet? Audiocubes.com has them for sale.  I have the ATH-A900 (old version) that are getting to show their age. Not sure if I save to upgrade to a higher end model or grab these instead.

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Have been burning LTD in for less than 20 hours so far. They sound quite good, a big step up from ATH-M50, which has been my main closed hp (a workhorse for DJ gigs, but not really hi-fi). In general I prefer the sound of open hp's like HE-6 and HE-500, but have been searching for a "good enough" closed headphone for late evening listening when the wife is already trying to sleep. Open hp's generally leak too much. A900XLTD does not leak, or so little it does not bother others. There is definitely enough bass on 900XLTD, but it is not boomy. I am not yet 100 % convinced with the highs, however.


In Tokyo the LTD's were less than 300 dollars which I think is quite reasonable for the quality. Of course they cannot be twice as good as the normal A900X, which is half price. But are they worth 439 dollars? For that kind of money I would probably consider W1000X, which seems to be available for 399-499 USD. I have ATH-ESW9A for travel use and I love them. The highs of the woodies are better than on A900XLTD. Maybe the highs get better on LTD after more burn in, but the W1000X might be more refined still.

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I figured the price of what vendors are selling it for over here would be kind of inflated being that they are Limited Editions. As nice as they look I think I'll look into the W1000x unless I see them up for grabs for much less. Prefer the closed headphones as well as I have same issue with the misses. Want something I can zone out to on some nights without bothering her as well at night so I'm right there with ya lol.

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Was able go get a pair from a friend in Japan for the normal asking price. He's shipping them with other items I needed so at around $300 I figured its more worth it. Can't wait to pair them with the Sony amp and zx1. The original A900 never let me down and lasted me for more than 4 years. I'll give impressions and shots once I get a hold of them.
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ZX1 was not available yet when I visited Tokyo last month, but it surely looks interesting

A900XLTD should work nicely with ZX1. It works well from MacBook Pro, iPod or AK120, so it does not need any amping, but will probably benefit from an amp.

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Agreed, I use the amp as it just gives the a900 full justice. Never used amps for years until I tried the fiio e12 amp paired with the iPod via digital out and wow.. its like they got a new lease in life. Since then I've used them with amps only like the pha-2 hooked up to my laptop. Not sure what to do with my a900 once I get the Ltd's. Maybe I'll recable them since the original wire braids are all mangled up.
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I happened to have the ATH-A900XLTD with me in the office as I need to burn them in more. So, I plugged them into the Schiit Lyr that I am using with the HE-6 orthos at work. Wow! The LTD sounds very nice and easy to listen to. Less air and sparkle than with HE-6, but well balanced and detailed.

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Sounds like hooking them through an amp brings out better results. Can't wait to pair with pha2. darthsmile.gif
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Any updated reviews on the A900XLTDs?

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Just want to say I also bought a a900xltd yesterday in Japan, in vacation. It paired very nicely with my hm901 when I tried it in the store.

I also have a w1000x and can give some comparisons later on if anyone needs help choosing.
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Great if you can compare them!

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