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I recently bought an expensive sub that was shipped fedex ground. When it got here the heavy reinforced foam on one end of the manufacturer's shipping box box was completely destroyed and the box had split open in 2 spots. It had clearly been dropped from a significant height. Unsurprisingly, the sub didn’t work.

I contacted the seller who filed a damage claim. He then told me I could call fedex and schedule a pickup. I tried and was told that the seller hadn't filed all the necessary documents. I emailed the seller and told him this. He assured me he emailed in everything. This went back and forth a couple times until the seller sent me screenshots of the completed claim. When I told fedex I had screenshots showing that all docs had been submitted properly, all of a sudden I was allowed to schedule a pickup.

I scheduled the pickup for Tuesday. I used a bunch of office brownie points and managed to work from home to wait for the pickup because I was not comfortable throwing an expensive item in front of my apt for anyone to walk off with. I sat in my apt literally all day today without leaving once for fear of missing the pickup and Fedex never came. Two different fedex guys came by my place for deliveries and both of them said someone else would be by later to pick up the sub. I called fedex twice during the day and both times was assured that my package would be picked up by 6. At 7:30 I called again and was eventually told that somehow my driver didn't get the assignment even though it was in the system, and that the driver had already gone home for the day.


Because this is a damage claim I can't drop the item off at a fedex location, they have to come pick it up. Fedex can't guarantee any particular pickup time, even when they've wasted a customer's entire day, so I told the manager I was speaking with that the earliest time I could devote another entire day to sitting around again was Saturday. The manager promised me he would contact the local office to stop the pickup attempts until Saturday.  

The manager never called back so I called fedex today and was told that no one cancelled the weekday pickups or moved the pickup to Saturday, and there were no notes of any kind showing I had talked to anyone. So, in addition to counting the day they didn’t show up as the first delivery attempt, supposedly the guys showed up yesterday and today as well. Fedex will only make 3 pickup attempts on one call tag so I was just instructed to contact the seller and ask that he set up another claim. At this point I have a feeling they’re making this as difficult as possible on purpose and I am this close to 


Tldr – Fedex is the Devil and is destroying my life.