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Experience with UE (now Logitech)

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This is my first post so if I have done it wrong or to the wrong forum I would appreciate guidance on how to do this better.

I thought my experience might be helpful for others.

In 2008 (yes, that is a long time ago) I purchased a pair of UE In-Ear Monitors and until last month they performed

well and without issue.  But last month the left channel stopped working completely.  I tried cleaning and a little bit

of tampering all without success.

I tried to find UE but apparently they were purchased by Logitech so I called "Customer Service" and was told I needed

to submit a copy of my invoice for "warranty work."  I advised them that they did not qualify for warranty work; I wanted

to have them repaired.  No invoice no nada.

So I searched and searched and actually found a the invoice and sent it along to Logitech.  They responded that I needed

to call Customer Service which I did.  Spoke with someone who told me that they only did warranty work.  I told them that

their products were disposable since they were not repairable.  "Too bad" I was told.

So I called back and spoke with a supervisor who reinterated the party line.  In desperation I called corporate hq and

left a message and my call was returned.  I spoke with the gentleman who related my experience with Grado.  I had 

purchased Grado phones for my daughter sometime ago and they failed.  When I called Grado they advised me to

pack them well, send them in, and for a reasonable fee (turned out to be $35) they would repair them.  They are almost

as good as new.

The Corporate fellow at Logitech told me their policy was after the warranty ends they want nothing further to do

with the product.

I find this disturbing and just thought I would share my experience with the multitude.

Again, if I have posted this incorrectly please let me know so if I ever post again I will do it better.

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Yep, logitech isn't exactly known for good customer service these days. Sad and one of the reasons I've stayed away from their products. All you can do is let people know and stay away from their products too.

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I don't usually bash customer service, because I understand that entry level employees are often overworked and underpaid, but UE/Logitech customer service is ridiculous.  


I ordered a pair of UE9000s from their website, upon delivery I discovered the right ear cup was defective and 70% of the volume of the left (with multiple sources, wired/wireless, etc).  I spent 20 minutes on the phone with them going through pointless troubleshooting, after I told them I had completed the steps already.  They promised me a pre-paid shipping label within 24-hours.


Two days later, no shipping label.  One week later and 3 calls later... no shipping label.  This is the last time I purchase directly from a manufacturer (especially Logitech/UE); the service I get from Amazon or reputable retailers like Earphone Solutions is priceless. 

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I'd separate UE's customs service (which is very good) from their regular headphone division (which seems much more corporate.)  In the case of the TF10, it was discontinued a year ago and way past warranty, so I get that they can't/don't service it.  With the UE9000 that's much more troubling though...

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Yes the customer service from UE is very good. I can't say anything about logitech as I've never had to deal with them.
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+1 to bad customer service from Logitech. Heard Ultimate Ears customs division is good though

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