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For Sale:
FS: Grado SR-225i Headphones -- ## Sold ##

Will Ship To: Anywhere

## ** These headphones have been sold and payment has been received. ** ##


I have a pair of Grado SR-225i headphones available for sale.  The features of the headphones are as follows:


  • Grado SR-225i, Original pizza box is not present.
  • Condition: Good.  Mainly free of scratches, scrapes, etc.  A bit of rubbing on the side lettering.
  • Ear Pads - New Sennheiser HD-414 pads.  Dyed dark black.  True reverse quarter pad modification applied.
  • No driver modifications.  No holes opened on the backs of the drivers, no Dynamat applied to rear of magnet, etc.
  • Cable.  Due to issue with the original cable, I can offer a new, 4-condutor Canare offering.  This cable would be covered appropriately with black nylon paracord and the use of a neatly applied split or "Y" connection between the cable and the leads that travel up to the ear cups.
  • Head Band.  The original vinyl pad is in place, and installed.  However, I do have the option of going with the Turbulent Labs Manta headband in the saddle / tan color.  I have this item listed in the accessories forum under a separate listing.


Reason for sale: I bought these headphones from a local Head-Fier about a week ago.  However, the direction for which I was going to utilize these headphones for has changed.  Thus, the reason for the sale.  These headphones have only been utilitzed in smoke free environments.


Picture provided is a stock photo of the Grado SR-225i.  Actual pictures will be added to this post later this evening.


Price: $98.99, including postage within the United States.  I also cover the PayPal fees.  International shipping?  I am open to this option, too.  But, addtional postage would be required for proper shipping.

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