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   Hello im kinda new in the headphone world and i need some profesional advice on what headphone to buy my budget is 250 $(or 200 euros im from europe) and i dont know what headphones to buy i want portable headphones but with same audio quality as the full sized ones,i want the headphone to be well balanced clear bass hights and mids and the bass too be a liitle more of a skulllcrusher.

So what do you recomend,i like 2 headphones the ATH ES-7 and the SENNHISER MOMENTUM ON EAR,but from what i read about them the ATH ones are much better and they fit my demands,so what do you think?

  And if you can you can recomed so IEM that fit in the budget but tell me if its worth buying IEM over OVER EAR HEADPHONES!


Thank You!

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When you say bass little more like a skullcrusher you mean you want a ton of bass?
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well i think i want to change from IEM because headphones offer more of a natural bass and very spatious sound and are more confortable then IEM so i just asked if its worth buying IEMS over headphones.


I just need an opinion on those headphones and if someone can pinpoint me to some headphone that are better then thos i mentioned in the same price range!

Thank you!

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i dont know how to discribe i want the headphone to have skullcrusher basse but tweaked from EQ,i dont want to feel like im in a subwoofer and the hights and mids are 15 feet away,i want the mids and hight to be clear and detailed and thare with the basse AND I HATE HeADPHONES WITH SIBLING THAT SSS is so anoying especialy at high volumes.

Thank you!

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The momentum on ear would be nice. Vmoda m80 like the other guy mentioned is also easy to recommend and its not very sibilant. If the base of those two arent enough, theres also the vmoda LP2 which is just a massive amount of bass.

The soul by ludacris line is also on sale since theyre being discontinued i think. Theyre like 70% off on amazon in the US. Dont know about europe. Not the best headphones but for under 100 its worth a consideration
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Well i dont want only base headphones i want all the package but the basse to be there when i need it:)

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The three would all be good recommendations in my book
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