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No, I haven't, I asked Tyll Hertsens who had both at hand and he gave me the nod. Pads, ear-pads.
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Originally Posted by c61746961 View Post

No, I haven't, I asked Tyll Hertsens who had both at hand and he gave me the nod. Pads, ear-pads.

cool thanks for the tip. I am intrigued to try them, as the original pads get a little bit too warm in the summer. Did Tyll also say something about change of sound using the velour pads, compared to the original?

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AFAIK he didn't try them on, but pads always make a difference sound-wise.
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Picked up a pair of these from a little while ago as they were on sale for an amazing price in my country.


I really love their sound, and pairing it with Meridian Explorer for a great combo! A slight EQ down in base and up in treble make them really sing.


I must say that the build quality is rather sub par for the price, and the ear cups seem to be rather easily nicked, which is disappointing. Overall I'm very impressed with the sound, but now I've got an itch for an open back pair of phones!

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I have had these for a while now and i use them twice a daw during my 1h+1h commute. So, a long time. Been through the plastic clip replacement (early models, excellent customer support from Thinksound), and now through earpad replacement (got it in 2 days from the US to Europe !).

Before these i had a lot of other portable earphones including the very great Audio Technica ESW9. Having woodies at home i know how wood sounds so much better than plastic or anything else for that matter, so the ESW9 was a natural choice, but that plastic part holding the earcups ended up broken before too long :(

Looking for another woody that would suit me but not break up after intensive usage (i use them on the tram, train, plane..) found reviews of these interesting earphones. They look maybe not as refined as the "earsuits" from AT, but still practical and the wood grain is a nice touch.

I submit them to a lot of daily torture and so far they are holding quite well, the torn earpad was my fault. The braided cables are definitely a no-walk proposition as any movement will be heard clearly, for people who want to walk around with these better get a rubber cable instead.


Cable microphonics aside, they are quite good sounding for small on-ear portable thingies. They give a good, wide sound reproduction with rich and clear bass, and everything up to cymbals is there and accounted for. Of course dont expect the scene wideness of sedentary open-back monsters or the pure clarity of amplified full size woodies.. these are just on-ear small earcups ! Once you adjust your expectations (like not having perfect sound in a noisy, crowded commute...) they are impressive. As far as portable+foldable earphones go, i tried a lot of things, they are clearly on top, even the ESW9 is not as good.


I listen to metal, stoner/doom, classic, blues and electronica. I see no weak point sound wise for these headphones on any of these styles of music.


Oh and double thumbs up for the customer support, really premium. Just for that, they deserve more sales. Go for it, you wont be disappointed.


PS @Thinksound: for the ON2, please replace those plastic thingies holding the rotation axis for the cups, with proper metal. These are clearly a weak point.

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Please note: Try before you buy.  Fit on these over ear headphones can be very uncomfortable.  I can wear my Sennheiser Momentums for numerous hours without an issue.  The On1 deliver a serious top of the head hot spot in very little time.

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Yeah on-ear headphones are not for everyone. Avoid piercings too... These are very portable though since they are relatively small, and they fold up nicely.

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