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So, I must say that the tuning of the on1 is pretty impressive.  I found them fairly balanced with slight bottom end enhancement, but with good texture and punch.  Mids have enough warmth to make them very easy to listen without fatigue and has a lot of energy in them. Highs are nicely detailed with a touch of sparkle, but I prefer a little brighter upper end that comes from the Beyerdynamics DT1350.  These sound really good out of the box.  About the only thing that I would want is a little more stage depth and width, but I've come to conclusion that they don't exist with closed, super-aural headphones.


Sadly, my ears don't play well with super-aural headphones. Right around the 15 minute mark, my ears started to feel sore and I had to take them off.  Other than that, the headband comfort and clamp tension was spot on for my large noggin.  Any fears of dawning a headband with NAD like imagery can be put to rest.  The no frills, minimalist, zero plastic materials in the packaging is commendable.


I was hoping that these would be keepers and they are sound-wise, but for long term comfort - a no go.  If Thinksound ever comes out with full-size version of these, you can count me in on the buy-it train.  Anyone is looking for a good deal, mine is available in the FS forums.

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If anyone is curious about the thinksound on1s, I have posted a review from my perspective.


Anyone curious about my review should take a gander at it.

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I have had my thinksound on1's now for a few days and I have been veryy happy with them. I am curious as to what a new cord will do for them as I can hear alittle bit of the sibilance as well as the noise it picks up when moving around. But outside of that these are awesome. This is my fourth attempt to get a decent portable headphone, I've had Harmon Kardon CL, Beyerdynamic 501p(?), Mikros 90 (these do sound good, the comfort was an issue with those), and the ATH ES700, and so far Thinksound is much better than those. I have to say, reading through some comments, it's sorta annoying to hear people say that they want to see how they stack up to my $500 headphones, I mean seriously, it's like saying I just picked up the new Chevy Cobalt and we are going to put it out on a track and see how it stacks up to the new BMW. Of course the BMW will have a better build, or better performance! These headphones are a great buy for the $250 or so investment! Let's compare to what your same $250 would buy you elsewhere! I apologize for the rant, it's just something I had to say! Maybe if they had headphone classes to do comparrisons, that would be interesting to hear!

James M
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The only remedy for sibilance for me was front damping, which means putting a layer of some material between the driver baffle and the earpads (however, I did end up buying a rubber cable for when the microphonics become a problem), toilet paper works for peaks around 9 KHz, but I found out I wanted to attenuate frequencies starting at 6 KHz, so I used a piece of 2mm thick wool felt. Some brightness and air was lost but the overall result is a very smooth listen. I compared my modded (bass-tamed also with internal damping) pair against the well-regarded Beyerdynamic DT250 250 ohm (230 USD, tuned truly flat, inefficient, not very portable) and they shared blows, in the end I preferred the on1 presentation, blackness and articulation, and they were both close in neutrality.
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Just received my On1 and they sound excellent! I love the soundstage, warmth, timbre and especially the bass texture- more comfy than my JVC S500. Only problem is my right earcup has some damage- not sure how it happened...looks like I'll be without them for a while 'til I get another pair back from Thinksound :triportsad:


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That's too bad, good thing Thinksound has exemplary customer care.
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Originally Posted by c61746961 View Post

That's too bad, good thing Thinksound has exemplary customer care.


Absolutely. I sent an email requesting an exchange; they had another pair sent to me with a return label. I really do love the sound- sub bass and mid bass are very balanced. Mids aren't all the way forward but not neutral or recessed thus placing the staging size somewhere between a studio and a small theatre. Treble is smooth, absent of sibilance and has good extension. I've been listening every day at work now for a couple of weeks and must say they tick just about every box for my sonic preferences. Also, the memory foam cups are fairly comfortable when sized/positioned correctly on my head.  


It's surprising these aren't getting more love right now- maybe it's the price. Considering the quality of materials I'd say they'd be much more attractive at a $150 price point, however the SQ is excellent. If you're reading this and don't have a woodie(lol @ pun) you can't go wrong with the On1 :happy_face1: 

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I kinda understand the pricing behind these. Yesterday I auditioned a bunch of Sennheiser phones at their store and felt neither the Momentum Over Ear (M1) nor the hd25-1 II -both of which were highly praised by people and used to go for more than 200 USD-offerred anything better.

For 200 USD plus a semi-hard case I would consider these a good value.
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I also think these are among the best portable, supraaural headphones in any pricerange. It's a pity that it isn't more popular on head-fi, maybe it's the plastic headband or maybe due to portable on ears just don't seem to be as popular as IEMs and full size headphones. Sometimes just one or two reviews by popular and respected reviewers are needed to get things started.

By the way, why is this thread under Headphones (full-size)?? It belongs to the Portable Headphones, Earphones and In-Ear Monitors section.

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I'm using these with the Geek Out 450 and they really scale up well. 

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