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HD598 Discounted at Frys

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I am not sure how many people know this, but since tomorrow is the last day, for people who want to buy HD558, this is a great chance to just spend few more and get HD598.


If this isn't allowed please delete the thread. just I spent so much time to compare price and trying to find the lowest one finally found it. 


I hope it can help someone's wallet.


Also for my 1 day old HD598, can anyone explain how to "burn in" it? Just turn the volume to max for 72 hours for whatever song?

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This is the thread for posting (and reading about) deals:


Don't max the volume on your cans unless you want to risk blowing them.  Just play music with a good range of frequencies at a medium high (listen-able) volume.  I like HD radio, but regular FM with a good signal works too.  Let them "bake" for three days to a week, checking them out along the way.  Of course you can use them during this time to see what, if any, changes have occurred.

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JMHO, but you might try wearing them a lot more for "burn-in."  I think burn-in from exercising them electrically is immeasurable.  However, there are real physical changes that take place from wearing compared to out-of-the-box.  The headband gets flexed, head and ear pressures change, and the pads settle in.  These all have noticeable effects on sound.

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