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I am owning Philips Uptown headphones, just for a week. I put them for Burn-in period for almost 3 days, using pink/gray noise using, but they are not sounding loud as I want. I need to increase volume almost to Full Volume to feel good sounding effect. I own Sennheiser MX 175 earphones, and they sounds very well.


Now I am in little confusion that, which headphones I select? Should I return and get another pairs or wait for some more days?


I am looking for this options ->


- Logitech 4000

- Logitech 6000

- ATH-M30

- ATH-M50

- Soul 150

- Soul 300

- Sony XB400 / 600

- Sony MDR-V55

- Sony MDR-7506

- Sony MDR-V6


Or any good headphones that you think. I don't want to go more than $100, but still if I am getting very good headphones, than I am ready to go for it.



Hakoo Desai.