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Beyerdynamic T90

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What do you guys think about these? I can pick a new set for $450, seems like a good buy. I can also get some beyerdynamic DT 990's 600 ohm for $280. I don't want to spend much, looking for the "bang for my buck", I will be using these headphones for almost everything, I listen to all genres of music, I will also use them for a lot gaming and watching movies. I'm not sure if my motherboard has good enough on board solution to drive these, it's an asus maximus vi extreme, it's supposed to have one of the best on board sound on a motherboard. If my on-board sound won't do these headphones justice then what would you recommend for an amplifier and will I need a DAC? Thanks for the help, sorry for keeping it long, I'm new to all this

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They go pretty good out of a Xonar STX.....anything less quality would be doing them a disservice. 


Also, keep in mind they have a huge sound stage and are extremely detailed in the top end.

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What about little dot mk 3 and a schiiit modi dac? And is $450 a good price for them? What would you personally go for based in my description
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Great Price.


not sure about those dacs.


Look into the AD900's if you can still get them man, they are an amazing all rounder for the price.

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This thread has all the info that you will need about the T90's.



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