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Hello everyone!


Let me start by saying, that english is not my language of choice and as such, I may have some difficulties explaining complicated issues.

I am a quite non-sophisticated music listener with very simple needs and very limited budget. Given that, I require from my music devices just to be relatively cheap and to reach at least the bottome line of what you guys call "sound quality" :). And so, my devices of choice are: Cowon E2 MP3 player and AKG 518LE headphones. I must say, I'm very satisfied with both of them BUT... Lately I had a chance to borrow some other headphones (can't remember exact model but tha'ts not the point) and while overall sound quality was very mediocre, I noticed that my AKGs bass somehow "dampens" (?) other aspects of the song compared to other headphones. I stumbled across some info about possibilty of modding those headphones to reduce/lighten the bass just a little bit and that it can make "a world of difference", but couldn't find any exact info or tutorial on how to do this.

I would very much appreciate some help, since it bugs from the moment I noticed that issue and I absolutely love those headphones: the way they isolate, they way they fit and well, just about everything else...

Hope you guys can give some advice!