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Trying to build a really nice system on a small budget for a friend. He has a fantastic ear but has been limited to listening to ear buds on his computer. Headphone based system makes sense since he lives with his parents. Budget is $500 to $600. So far what I am thinking would work very well for him are:


- STAX Lambda Pro Classic Earspeakers (read great reviews and already purchased one for $250)

- Sansui AU-7900 integrated (can pick one up for $150 to $200). This gives the option of adding speakers later, which he wants.

- STAX SRD-6 Energizer. This is the Std version - I know the Pro version would be better but am limited by budget (hoping to grab one for $50 -> $ 90 with shipping, brokerage, etc).

- Well designed custom cable from computer to pre-amp input of the Sansui ($70 to $90).


Does anyone have better ideas, suggestions or advice?