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MEElectronics M-Duo impressions from a first timer.

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     So I got about 2.5 hours of sleep last night so I might be a bit rambley.  I have been on here about a month now and had been looking for some better in ears. I have been using the dollar store Panasonics for 5 years now straight.  There 5 dollars and when I break them no biggie and to me the sounded fine.  So after so researching, enough to make you tired of researching, I went ahead and order a pair of M-Duo's.  Here are my thought on them so far and the step to another level in headphones.

    The packaging they came in was pretty darn nice.  A lot like there website, clean and neat.   I like there website and it was one of many reasons I decided to chose these.  I like company's off the main stream that focus on the small stuff.

    Quality,  is really nice.  the plug is pretty sharp design.  the strain relief becomes part of the plug, wich is pretty smart.  Its large enough where I want to grab the plug instead of the cable to unplug it.  A big plus. I have a bad habit of pulling plugs out by the cord and its nice that with this I pull it out by the plug without having to remind myself to do it that way.  A side note.  On my computer if the plug in angle downward it extends past the bottom of my computer and sits on the cord and strain relief there.. just something to watch.  The cord feels pretty sturdy, not the hard plastic like stuff you get with cheaper headphones.  It still wants to roll up a bit from the way it was stored. Some miner nit picking would be the splitter and the mic.. the cord is in there good and solid,  but will move around inside.. the inner diameter of those two parts seems a bit to large and I can see it getting pinched.  The housing is just awesome in my eyes.  love the color and the look.. There not over the top and feel top notch.  A couple of times that I pulled the plugs out of my ears they would hit into each other when they fell and made a nice little clack sound.  It's the little things in life :) My only concern is the size of the hole for the tips..

   This would be my issue with these.. the hole is just a bit to big to fit comfortable in my ear.  the Panasonic's have a nice oval shape the fits really well and you can get a deep insercion in you ear.  I can still get a good seal. its just not as deep and is a bit uncomfortable due to the size.   I hope with some time my ears will adjust and all will be well..

    So the sound.  These are with no burn in time..  when I first hooked these up with eq off, I thought were is the bass.  I adjusted the eq on my nano to my rock setting and still thought were is the bass..  After a bit I realized it's there, just not stupid boomy.  After that moment of recognition I fell in love with these.  I can here the kick drums and differences in the tones and deep ends of songs I have not heard since I was into home theater years ago.. they sound pretty darn good to me.  the mids are a bit held back a bit, but I expected this.  they are clean and nice. a simply eq adjustment would set them just they way I would like,but you cant on a nano. hmmm, still cant figure out why a device made only for music wont let you set a eq how you want..... the male vocals sound perfect to much.. most the of females sound great, but sometimes when they dip in the lower range its almost like there just a bit held back. The highs are great on this.  they sound super clear, sometimes a bit to much for me.  again a smidge of eq adjusting to get were I want but o well..  I hope with some burn in they will settle for me. I have more on this but will explain later.  so for me the sound is nearly perfect for a fun iem.  just what I wanted. I cant hear so much more in my music then I could before. in one song I could here the guitar player run his hand up the guitar neck when playing. super cool and sweet to hear.  the only weird thing I have noticed is that I get a weird almost static sound with some of tones in the music.  its worst with the pc so maybe some interference?

   The last part would be what I noticed it takes to power these and why I think the highs are bit much sometimes.. I find I have to push these a bit for the sound to come alive.  I think a portable amp would clean it up a bit and give me what I need for them.  Due to the sound quality and the higher level to play on my computer I did have to go in my realtek setting and shut off eq and loudness equalization when playing in I tunes.  but when I put a movie in and I had to turn it all back on or crank the volume to hear anything..  Any thoughts here I would love to hear.

   So to sum up. I dont know much of squat except of what i have researched here.  i have ptsd and am crazy and i ramble. oo the headphones. i really like these.  I might sound like im being picky, but these are just my observations.. I really do love these but think with just a little bit of help I could my perfect headphones.  if the fit works for my im thinking a portable amp hooked up with a lod would fit these like a glove.  I know amps are supposed to do anything to sound, but maybe a cleaner power supply to the headphones and a better dac would help?  Maybe I wouldn't have to crank as much the make them come alive.  also get rid of that weird static sound. they are great as is, but I think a amp would make these sing to my ears. I would give a 8.5 out of ten, if I can get this settled a bit in the highs and get a little more juice in them a 9.5 out of ten. half a point for the size of hole of the tips..

any suggestions to help me get these settled a bit I would love to hear or any questions let me know.. thanks for putting up with my rambling

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so I have had these a little bit now and am really loving them.. the small bit of crackle sound I was hearing was distortion, so all is well there, and the sound is very clean now.  I also ordered some sony hybrid tips for It so that shoud help with comfort. I am noticing these take a good bit more power.  and with the recessed mids I have to turn it up a bit to hear vocals on songs with a lot going on, to the point where the highs become a little bit uncomfortable.  the highs are settling a little bit, I cant get a good balance between sound and eq with the ipod nano.

   what im thinking is im going to need a amp for these.  I was looking and I have read where the fiio e12 has a nice midrange to it. a warmer sound.  would that help bring the mids up in m-dou's.   like balancing the sound out a bit. I wouldn't have to crank them a bit to bring the vocals more forward. any ideas suggestions would be nice.  the fiio e12 price is about as high as I could go

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From my reading it seems like e12 is an overkill for iem's, i would go with the e17 so u can use it with the pc as well(will eliminate the hissing noise) or the e11 to same some cash
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