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I have really enjoyed comparing what I can see in waterfall graphs to what my experience has been with various headphones. specifically the graphs at I have made some low-fi and mid-fi purchases, such as the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pros most recently, and I want to play around with the effects of wideband ringing and different signatures on my current equipment. I've found a few solutions that let you add amplitude-by-frequency equalization filters to  the audio output of a PC, but I want to know about simulating the waterfall plot of different audio-systems.


I wanted to know about applying an artificial amplitude-by-frequency-by-time filters, to simulate different ring patterns. Does anyone know of anything like that? I would prefer being able to apply it to the Windows audio output stream, but even just a Foobar plugin would be great.




P.S. Any moderators that think this should go in the sound-science forum, sure. I wasn't sure which this applies more to.