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Help for a noob!

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Right, I'm new to all this audiophile stuff. But have been reading loads on this forum for a while.


Basically I'm going to treat my ears this birthday to something better than my current setup.

Just need some advice before taking the plunge.


The headphones I've been looking at are both the Sennheiser HD650 and the Beyerdynamics DT990 Pro.

Will be used on my PC (ASUS Mobo, no soundcard) for gaming/music, I play all kinds of games. Listen to mostly Metal (Opeth, Mastodon, Bathory, Immortal).


I'm aware i'd need a decent amp/dac to run them through, so was considering the TubeMagic D1.


I like my music to sound thick and warm, like you're basically sucked into it. Not a fan of anything high pitched and screechy.

As for the gaming side, positional awareness is a key factor to me.


Any advice would be greatly welcomed, as I'm quite the noob when it comes to all of this.


Cheers, Jimbo. xoxo

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The Beyers are going to be better for you I think. They are good at metal and also have better soundstage than the HD650s.

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Yeah that's the impression I've got from reading load of posts on here about both sets.


What about the TubeMagicD1? Good to match with the Beyers?

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I am not sure but it looks versatile as you can swap the op-amps. I've done a bit of op-amp rolling in the past and it makes a big difference to the sound signature.

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If you like thick and warm, I'm not sure that you'll like the Beyer treble as it's quite present. The HD650 has way less treble. Of course you could always EQ.

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I'm also a metal guy and have been using the Grados sr325i with an Asus essence stx soundcard for the past couple of years. Absolutely love this set up for metal. I also have the sennheiser hd598 but rarely use them, and I actually lent them to a friend since they just collect dust.

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How will the Grados do for gaming tho? As I play a lot of games on my PC.

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Poor because of the comfort level, or the lack thereof. However, I usually end up toughing it out with the Grados with movies and games.

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