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I'm looking to buy something good for my Sennheiser HD600. My PC is my only source and currently the Headphones are connected to the onboard sound of my ASUS Z77 Sabertooth Mainboard, this is not optimal and I want to change it. I'm no expert and my knowledge is limited.


The new device should have the following properties:


- price must be below 2,000 EUR (2,700 USD), preferably around 1,000 EUR

- must have high quality headphone amp, which is more than just a bonus add on (matching Sennheiser HD600 quality level)

- must have USB

- must have preamplifier function

- must be able to connect powered speakers to it

- must have XLR out

- must have cinch out

- must be minimum 24/192 over any connection

- must not have any plastic parts (except remote, if there is any)


- should have volume control knob

- should have compact dimensions

- should have a nice design (the Mytek 192 is rather unaesthetic, it's just studio "design", which is equal to no design at all)

- should have remote function (I guess I can't expect a full metal remote for this price?)

- should not reduce sound quality at lower sound levels (digital volume control?)

- should be able to decode DSD

- should be possible to connect a subwoofer to it

- should be available in Germany


I know this is a lot, that's why I also have a hard time finding anything that suits all these "requirements". Later on I'm planning to also purchase some powered speakers:


For now I have two favorites for the DAC/HeadAmp/PreAmp:


- Antelope Zodiac Platinum (probably way too expensive, otherwise perfect?)

- eXasound e20 (a bit too expensive, have to order from Canada, close to perfect)

- Yulong Sabre DA8 (no remote, not sure about subwoofer thing, if I'd have to buy today, this would be it)


I've also looked at other devices, like Shanling H1.1, Mytek 192 DSD, NuForce DAC-9 192K, McIntosh D100, T+A DAC 8, Burson Audio Conductor, AVM DA3.2 (not out yet), Lindemann Musicbook 10 (not out yet) and a lot more. I've also checked this list, but I think it's not complete:


I'd be thankful, if you could recommend something suitable to me.



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