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I tried looking around and searching through the forums but didn't find too much in the way of the speakers I am considering. I would like to get a portable bluetooth speaker system for use at the pool/lake, gym, tennis courts, patio, etc. The sound quality is important but portability is very important to me too.


These are the ones I'm considering at the moment:


Logitech UE Boom

Bose Soundlink Mini

Jambone Jambox 

Samsung DA-F60


The only two I've actually heard are the UE Boom and Soundlink Mini. The UE Boom is very rugged (and water-resistant), has great battery life, and is very loud. However, the sound was very bright and a little thin on the mids and bass. The Bose had a much fuller sound and much better bass, but has lesser battery life and seems a bit less conducive to taking all over.


I'd love to hear any insights you guys have. Thanks!