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For Sale: FS: Stello HP-100 amp

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For Sale:
FS: Stello HP-100 amp

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Unfortunately, I made some rash purchases (of amazing vintage quality, so it's justified :biggrin:) and need to quickly come up with some funds. The only thing that I can part with right now is my HP-100, which I bought not very long ago...


Used it sparingly since my purchase. Selling for the exact price I paid for it (which was insanely low to begin with...given MSRP of $500+ just a few years ago). I'd really keep these but I really just don't have the funds right now. Sounds great with my HE-500, pumping easily 1.2W into the 50 Ohm load. Probably one of the best values right now for an amp that drives the HE-500 properly.


I've attached additional images. Rating it a 9/10 on Audiogon scale. Very, very nice condition. What scratches you may see in the pics are just dust.


Will be shipped with a power cord and in the original box. No other accessories came with it. Price includes shipping via USPS priority and paypal fees.

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