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Fiio E1 and Impedance

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Hi, I'm new here so hello to everyone and sorry for my bad english :)

I've just bought a Fiio E1 for my 6th generation ipod nano and i want to use it not with my headphone but with my 2.1 speaker set for pc, because when I play from the pc everything goes right, but when I play from ipod the volume is terribly low... But before i plug the Fioo E1  to the speakers I wonder if the amplifier can stand the impedance of the speakers (4 ohm), 'cause the advised impedance of Fioo E1 is 16-300 ohm... I risk to burn the amplifier?


Thank you for the answers!

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Just making sure here... your 2.1 speakers have their own power supply right? Like a separate power cord you have to plug in for there to be sound right? If so, these speakers are self-powered and would not strain any "amp" driving them--in fact they only need a line level input and their "impedance" would not be anything the E1 cannot handle.

If they *don't* have their own power supply, don't plug them into the E1. Not that I've ever heard of 2.1 speakers that are not self powered so you should be pretty safe rolleyes.gif
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Thank you for your answer! Now I am more quiet... But I searched on the internet and found that if I plug a speaker (don't sure if with its own power supply or not) with impedance, for example, 4 ohm, to an amplifier with minimum impedance, for example, 8 ohm, the amplifier could overheat and damage... So you are saying to me that this matter doesn't concern my situation?

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Yes, if the speakers have their own power supply it doesn't matter.
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Awesome!! Tomorrow I'll try and post here the result... I need a volume boost for my ipod because I mounted the speakers in my car and use ipod as audio output, but thanks to the EU volume limit the volume of ipod is too low!! Hope the E1 can solve my problem :3

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