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For Sale: [IC] Westone 4 + JH5

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For Sale:
[IC] Westone 4 + JH5

Will Ship To: North America

I recently purchased a pair of Westone 4's for use at school when I don't want to take my JH11s, but I don't use them anywhere near as much as I expected to, and I recently purchased a new cable/amp that I want to use with the JH11s anyway, so looking to sell the W4s.


They were purchased maybe two weeks ago, and I've put maybe 20ish hours on them max. Completely stock, comes with the box, carrying case, all the included tips, and a spare set of the Star Tips + Foam Tips pack from Westone.


Also may sell my JH5s, had them before I got my JH11s, and I no longer have a use for them. Mostly just looking for interest, the W4s would be the easier sell, as they're obviously Universal as well as (fairly) new, though the JH5s I assume you'd have to have reshelled.


I'll add pictures later this week, no camera at the moment.

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For Sale: $325 (USD)
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How much for the jh5? It costs $220 or something to get it reshelled from UM and $240 from Lear.
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Originally Posted by lin0003 View Post

How much for the jh5? It costs $220 or something to get it reshelled from UM and $240 from Lear.


When I was looking into doing it as a gift for my brother, it was ~116 through InEarCustom, I just decided against it.


Honestly the JH5s are going to be the hardest to sell I think, just because of the cost re-shelling etc, but I figured it was worth a shot to see if anyone was interested.


The Westone 4s are the original W4, not the 4R, so non-removable cable. I just got them on October 29th, so they're just over a week old, and the JH5s I got back in 2009.

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Yeah, but UM's reshell is around as good as JH's. InEarz isn't as good from what I hear. Anyway, a price might help. 

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