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For Sale or Trade:
Beyerdynamic T5p: Purchased 11/7/2013 Price Drop!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi guys, I recently purchased a demo unit T5p directly from Beyer, but it came in far worse condition than it was advertised as. Naturally I sent a complaint, and they offered to exchange them for a brand new pair for no charge, which I am now looking to sell on here. 


This is an excellent closed headphone, it does definitely come close to the technical ability of the T1, imaging and instrument separation is absolutely incredible, especially considering that it's closed. It does scale with amping, although it's meant to be portable, and does sound quite good straight from my GS4.


 Price is $850 $800 shipped in the US. Paypal is on the buyer. International shipping will be considered, but will cost more. I don't think you will find a brand new unopened pair for cheaper. Would also be open to trades. Especially interested in HD800, HE500, LCD2, or T1, with appropriate amounts of cash either way, but feel free to pm me anything interesting you've got.


Edit: Photos Added! 


Edit2: Well, curiosity got the better of me, and I took them out of the box and gave them a listen. Didn't want to take the risk that I maybe got a bad pair once again, and these are indeed a good new pair. They're also quite a bit more comfortable than I remember, perhaps from the pads being new and having more give. As they've been on my head (not for very long) and removed from the plastic, the price has dropped.

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