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Help me get into IEM's!

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So, to start off,  I'm usually a over the ear kind of guy. I've owned grado sr60i's and I'm currently rocking beyerdynamic dt770 80 OHM. I'm looking at IEM's because the portability looks really attractive to me. I'm going to be buying IEM's because my grado's broke and my beyers aren't very portable. Also, I own a fiio e11. After some thought, I thinking about starting low in the sub 100 dollar range.Now to the sound. I would like theses IEM's to be very similar to my good ol grados in sound signature. What I really remember about my grados is how well they reproduced guitars.  So, if someone could help me I'd greatly appreciate it. 

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Have a look at this IEM comparison thread. Lot of good info in there:

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