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Currently I'm using a Astro A40 with a 5.8 wireless mixamp (using a optical cable as a pass through for the mixamp and using DDL Dolby Digital Live) and it works great it really goes however from what I've been reading the mixamp is good but the headphones are just okay. I purchased some months back when the Blue Yeti Mic was on sale that mic for about 100 or some odd dollars. So I'm at a point where I don't really need a headset that comes with a Mic I can handle just having a quality headphone. I currently have a Asus Xonar DX which doesn't come with a amp. I don't particularly want people to hear what I'm listening to people tend to walk into my room quite frequently but at the same time I don't want small ear cup closed headphones. The A40's are pretty nice in that regard they are 40mm drivers and they fit my ears like a glove. I was thinking of the 558's or the 598 from Sennheiser however they are open headphones and are open to heavy leaking.

So what I'd like to know is... If I wanted new head phones what would be the best route. I play games, listen to music and watch blu ray movies on the computer all of which I use strictly the A40's for.

1. Closed v Open
2. New sound card for higher omph headphone for example the essence stx from asus (Currently using mixamp)
3. Brand of Headphone


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