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Beats vs Audio Technica

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I have been a member of the PC gaming world for quite some time now. My favorite games are Battlefield 3-4. I have heard about this games wonderful sound engine that I would like to take advantage of with a new pair of headphones. There are two brands that have me at a standstill though, Beats Studio or Audio Technica 700x (ad700x). The two things I am looking for most in my headphones are a combo of situational awareness as well as wonderful sound quality. The AD700's I have heard, are great headphones for pinpointing the location of enemies and have a comfortable design. The beats studios have amazing base and rich sound quality and their noise canceling addition is great. I am slightly torn between these two brands. Any advice would be appreciated, also, are there any headphones out there that will give me the best of both worlds? (Without going over $300 possibly) thanks in advance.
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If you want a "headset" go for PC360


If you want a headphone then both AD700x and HD598 would be ideal for positioning and in general FPS gaming.


If your audio card does not have surround sound then there are many external solutions for surround sound.


the AD700x and HD598 do not have strong bass, if you want bass AND good positioning look into DT990 .



there are also many other headphones that are fun(bassy) sounding with good soundstage...



Look at mad lust envy's gaming headphone guide.

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Okay, thanks, just a quick question though, do you know if beats studios would be good at all for gaming? I kinda want high quality/noise canceling features that I can use not only for my gaming but also for music and other leisurely use. I really am leaning toward the beats, I can't tell if it is just the way they phrase there marketing or weather it's the look of them, or if that's what I really want. Deep inside I feel that the beats will not satisfy my gaming needs. So besides the DT990, are there any others headphones you can suggest that will give quality, good bass, noise canceling, AND positional audio? (Sorry, it's probably impossible to find, but I know nothing about headphones, just asking)
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I have never had the beats, but many people in here believe the beats are not good for gaming. Many Others think it is garbage. 


there are also Sony MA900 , Fidelio X1 and AKG Q701


but DT990 has the greatest bass out of these in my opinion.


Take a look here for review of audiophile headphones that are fit for gaming :

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The best headphones for gaming typically have a big soundstage, the kind of soundstage you only get from open headphones. The ATH-AD700 are considered fantastic for gaming, and can be had for ~$100.

That would leave you $200 out of $300. Most AVS members would agree that you can get better bass heavy phones than Beats Studios for that much, so why not just get two pairs of headphones? One for gaming . . . one for music. Have the best of both worlds smily_headphones1.gif
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The AD 700 is absolutely AMAZING for gaming.  I've heard other members say that some people on the MLG competitions even prefer them over astros.  Unless you really need strong bass I wouldn't recommend anything but these for imaging. 

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