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For Sale:
Stax SRM-T1 (ecc99 modified) 240V

Will Ship To: EU

Selling the following amp, great match for Lambdas. Reason for sale is that it is a bit more fiddly to have XLR input on it as well which I prefer to use.


I am only the second owner so it is in perfect working order and great (almost mint) cosmetic condition. It is a 240V unit so not a grey import and comes with the box as well. Because of that (plus easier shipping) I prefer an EU sale.

It has been extensively modified over stock to make it similar to the SRM600 Limited, namely:

- JJ ECC99 tubes (gold plated, rarer variant) with dampers

- AMRG 30k/2W premium carbon film plate resistors

- Siltech input wiring with new connectors



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