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I was surprised with how good the N5 sounds. Didnt expect much from it honestly but it delivers. Im using it with the k545.
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I'm using Poweramp on my Nexus 5 and my T-Peos H-300 and it gives a perfect pairing.

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Originally Posted by Inear View Post

Is anyone using Westone W40 with their N5?

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HTC one M8 or original HTC one trump all phones as far as speaker quality.

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I have phonaks pfe 122, etymotic er4pt and aurvana live - and compared to galaxy s3 the sound N5 produces is horrible. I have been dissatisfied with it to such an extent that I've bought fiio x3

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Nexus 5 has a very mediocre sound quality (I used it with fiio e18 and the Sennheiser momentum).The s3,4 and htc oneX are faaaaaar superior.
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i wouldnt say the N5 was horrible.  i mean its a phone so dont expect the world.  it is however not a warm sounding device so if you like a warm dap, its not really it.  tbh as phones go in the few that i have heard id say its one of the less bad.


(note that i really dont go out of my way to try phones for audio, they are all convergence devices and none of them really care about audio quality)

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Any recommendations on a portable amp to pair with the N5 along with my Dunu DN1000?

Also I noticed all Avril Lavigne songs seem to be sibilant. Any way to tone it down?

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OK I am going to start off by saying i am an audio enthusiast and I have had every iPhone all the Galaxy's and I recently got the nexus 5 and absolutely stumped by the lack of give a **** that google puts into there audio systems in there devices not one of the devices I own of googles has good quality at all nor do they have equalizers. On a scale 1-10 on the audio quality given the iPhone and Galaxy's are a 10 i would give the nexus 5 a 2 1/2 because the audio works that would be the only reason. When listening to music on it I find myself using a pair of amplified earphones just to hear my music. So the answer to your question is nexus 5's sound quality sucks.
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I'm using IE800 on my Nexus 5 and its pretty ****.  Not even that loud at the highest volume.

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The nexus 5 reminds me of what onboard PC audio used to sound like 10 years ago, I doubt any amount of kernel hacks will make this baby sing. 



Does anyone know how it compares to the 2013 Nexus 7?

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hmm the problem you seem to be saying is that its not loud enough for you.  loudness is not the same thing as quality.

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Currently using Shure SE215s as a placeholder pair until I can order better stuff, but I have to say that these play pretty nicely with the Nexus 5 (Android 5.0 (L) Dev Preview installed and rooted w/a FauxSound-enabled kernel, if that matters). Every issue I may have with sound can probably be ascribed to the Shures simply not being that great.
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No, I'm not saying the nexus 5 isn't quality I'm saying its not loud and me being into the love of audio its not good enough the nexus 5 is in fact one of the nicer phones I've used (but) not the audio aspect of it. @mark2410 I'm also currently testing all the aspects and parameters of the one + one phone very nicely built phone
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hmm you did say "So the answer to your question is nexus 5's sound quality sucks" and im sorry but it doesnt.  im not going to say its "good" but for a phone its not terrible and is a giant step of from the N4, that thing was pretty terrible.


i mean there might be some phones out there are good, ill confess ive never heard those samsungs with the wolfson DAC's in them but there is a reason i never use my phone for audio.  phones are convergence devices so "good enough" as all that matters and "good enough" isnt so for me.

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