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Need some suggestions

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Hello guys


I'm looking for a way to connect my 2 active studio monitors, my subwoofer and my headphones to my computer


I want to be able with a switch, to switch between my headphones and my speakers too!


Any recommendations?!

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First, you gotta figure out how your subwoofer and speakers will hook up together. Then you need some kind of headphone amp, or headphone amp/dac, with outputs for speakers, like the Audioengine D1.

What make/model speakers and subwoofer do you have?
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I have 2 Alesis Active MK2 Monitors and im looking for a decent subwoofer to buy right now...

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Best bet with monitors like that is to get a subwoofer with RCA inputs and outputs. Then you run your music source to the subwoofer, then connect the monitors to the subwoofer. Better would be to get one that also has a high pass filter on the RCA outputs so you can crossover the sub with the speakers at a higher point than the natural rolloff of the speakers. For example, this Velodyne DLS 3500R allows you to choose from an 80hz or 100hz high pass filter, then you set the crossover dial on the sub to match.
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Hmm any other alternatives to the DLS 3500R ? i cant seem to be able to find it online... i dont live in the US too sooo!

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The KRK K10S subwoofer has something similar. I'm not as knowledgeable about pro audio brand subs, but many of them should have that kind of feature so that they can best integrate with the powered speakers. Subwoofers for the home audio market often don't because the idea is that you would hook the sub directly to an audio/video receiver that has it's own bass management system with selectable crossovers for the speakers and sub.
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Ok, KRK K10s seems good...


Is Audioengine D1 a better choice than something like the Creative SoundBlaster ZxR?

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I don't know as far as SQ--I would guess the ZxR might be better--but the ZxR would probably be better for gaming when using headphones because of the digital sound processing.
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So i should go for the ZxR?

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If you are a gamer, definitely smily_headphones1.gif
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