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Newbie with the TMA-1's

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Hey all


So after months of browsing these forums, I thought it was probably time to write my first post! 


After a year of blasting out the iPhone 5 headphones daily, and occasional use of some studio beats (got them for free, don't shoot me lol), I decided it was about time to sort myself out some decent cans. Looked around for a while, and realised how confusing and hard it is to choose headphones! so after a few guides, and reading hundreds of reviews, i chanced it with a pair of Aiaiai TMA 1's Beatport edition as 9/10 reviews were really positive. and for 140£ delivered, i thought it would be a safe bet.


2 days later, a parcel. Woo!.. i had a little listen to them straight out the box, and i have to say the sound was shocking. Everything was so muddy and it all sounded very.... bunched (not great at explaining sound). I had read on the web before about the burning in, and how some people thought it was a myth, but I thought I'd try it to see if i can get some sort of decent sound out of these cans before i sent them straight back.


Left them playing for 2 hours, tried them again, the change of sound was actually quite noticeable, but still not quite right. Listened to them all evening, didn't notice any changes, and also left them running for 8 hours today... Still not any different. Its not that they have crap sound quality, they have a good bass kick, and individual instruments/sounds sound pretty good


But overall, when it all comes together they just sound cramped, and very 'dark'.. (which yes, i did read that they have a dark sound, but didn't think it would be like this) The only way i can really describe it is that it sounds very closed and needs opening up? If that makes sense. It sounds like the Filter effect is always slightly on, I've tried EQ'ing it out on iTunes which has made them sound better but still not right. Also its mostly voices, and what sounds like mid range where its mostly noticeable ?


Im really confused because most reviews i read were really positive, yet mine really don't sound right. I was thinking too that maybe it could be because I'm not used to over/on ear headphones?


Does anyone have any opinions on the matter? I'm gonna keep them for a week and then decide whether to swap them in for another set (bought them on so can get a refund if necessary)


Thnks for reading!



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Mone sounded the same, but sound much better after 3 nights of burn in. How are yours coming along?
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Not sure if it's mental burn in, or whether they have opened up a bit more, but I absolutely love them now. Actually prefer their sound to a more neutral phone! Definitely pleased I purchased now
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