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For Sale:
FS: Silver Woo Audio WA7 "Fireflies" plus Extras

Will Ship To: USA

It saddens me greatly, but I need to make way for a new laptop soon.  The WA7 Fireflies amp has powered my Audeze LCD3s for 5 months now after 3 months of waiting for it after I ordered at


It is the best amp I have ever heard.  The default Sovtek tubes are so good that I've gone back to them every time I tried any tube rolling.  The amp looks so fantastic that my wife actually approved of my purchase.  It was dead silent with any of my high-end iems.  The built-in DAC outperformed my old Schiit Audio Gungnir.


I'm packaging a whole bunch of amazing extras:

- ALO Audio Power cable that cost me $100

- Cables to Go - 13032 - 3ft Velocity RCA Audio Cable
- Monoprice USB Cable
- Pelican 1050 Black Clear Micro Case with Clear lid (to protect the tubes during travel)


Here are the normal things that come from Woo Audio with your $1029 ($999+shipping) which do not include an actual power cord, USB, or RCA cable:

- WA7 Fireflies amp
- WA7 Fireflies External Power Supply
- Tubes protection glass
- 4 pieces of anti-slip glass protection pads
- Pair of matched Sovtek 6C45 tubes
- Umbilical power cord
- Chamois polish cloth


I will also include the instructions and my $1030 receipt from May.


Price includes shipping in the continental USA and PayPal fees.  I'm not budging from it so please do not ask.