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Here are the variables of my setup: 


Ultrabook (really only used for music and browsing so hardly any programs/bloatware, most processes/services disabled) >

Aqvox USB Power Supply > Audiophilleo and/or Offramp 5 with stock wall wart > D/A Converter > Amp 


*Everything but the computer is connected to a BPT 3.5 Signature Plus, one of the more acclaimed power conditioners. 



When running the Audiophilleo I run BNC SPDIF 

When running the Offramp i2s will be the preferred connection 

When using the PWD I connect it with the added bridge, so plenty of reclocking and filtration happening there, but the offramp will likely be the default setup when it comes in. 

The Lampizator has galvonic isolation at the usb, and I'm pretty sure the i2s is also galvanically isolated from ground (through the offramp I know it is). 

If I decide to keep the Master 7 I'd need to determine if the BNC/i2s is isolated. 


I'll likely jump on a linear power supply for the offramp soon enough, but was wondering what I can do from the computers side. Is there an improved external power supply that people use with their laptops? I don't purport to understand all the jitter and ac noise talk that goes on, so if anyone can explain from where, in my setup(s), noise will be entering the DAC, I would very much appreciate it. 

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