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General Specifications (as in packaging):


  • Frequency Response : 8 - 22.000 Hz
  • Driver                        : 9 mm
  • Sensitivity                 : 100 dB/mW
  • Impedance                : 16 ohm
  • Plug                         : 3.5 mm L-Shaped Gold Plated
  • Accessories              : SML Silicone earbuds, Cable Roller


Design and Build Quality


Really lightweight and comfortable, doesn't really feels like using it at all, once you got good fit, it will sit there and won't slide off. No issue with microphonics unless you are in an activity which shake the cable too much such as running. Flushed in design made it possible for you to use it while side-sleeping. The hybrid silicone is very soft and well made. The cable made from a slick plastic so it is not sticky such as rubber made. The noise isolation are very good, it was blocking at least 70 percent of ambient noise, as expected from IEM.



Cable might be too long for some people (1.2 m), using the included roll might adding some weight. A little bit worry about the durability of the cable, maybe because of the regular cable bending protection near the jack.


Sound Quality (first impression without burn-in)


A little bit tubby, the quantity is just enough, definitely not a bass-oriented earphone. The low bass is soft and a bit wide, extending it using portable amp such as FiiO E6 would be favorable. I use a maximum bass equalizer in my phone, it will be a bit muddled. But it is easy to drive and equalized.



Definitely not an acoustic performer, missing much details might not suited with a detail-headed consumer, although it have a good clarity. The mids are crisp and fun to hear.



This earphone IMO really emphasize the highs, especially at the VERY high frequencies. Cymbals sound really harsh and annoying too much in my ears, and it doesn't have the sparkly treble, no details just regular highs. If you put the volume level at the lowest, that sound is the only sound that you would hear. Definitely not the best thing in the world. The sizzling sound is not comfortable to the ears.




If you can have it at around $10 it would be a good bargain. The clarity and comfort is the selling point of this item, and also the noise isolation and sound imaging. I bought it at around $20 and I would say it just FAIR with tendency to UNFAIR. I might go for Philips SHE8000 for a much easier treble to controlled, with additional sparks. If you looking for bass, might be better go somewhere else, it just enough. And for sound quality, the highs are really putting this thing down. 


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