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For Sale:
FS: VSonic GR07 MKII

Will Ship To: USA

All of you have probably heard of the VSonic GR07 MKII - a legendary IEM that has an unmatched price performance ratio.  In lljoker's review of IEMs, it came out to have a score of 9.1 and he often uses it as a baseline to compare IEMs that cost 4-6 times as much.


I've gone through all the high-end IEMs and I think the difference between the VSonic and the best custom headphone is much smaller than you would think.  Why am I selling it?  Black Friday!!!  Got to raise money to buy me a new tablet.


Price includes shipping in the continental USA and PayPal fees.  The IEMs come with all the tips and accessories VSonic provides - which means it will be comfortable for you no matter what your in-ear fetish is.