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For Sale: ie8/ie80 Piccolino Hybrid cable

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For Sale:
ie8/ie80 Piccolino Hybrid cable

Will Ship To: Continental United States

Up for sale is my Ie8/ie80 custom cable. The cable is 43" inches long and made of piccolino cable and nobelle cables. The cable is most definitely a great addition to the ie8/80 iems but unfortunately they are a bit short for me. :(:(:(

The cable is very soft and manageable (see pics)...

I bought this cable from here:



a bit more info HERE.


I'm asking $125. Conus shipping only!



Obviously, only the cable is included in this sale.

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To qoute the previous owner:
"the Piccolino's transparent sleeve got yellowed with use that I had it re-sleeved. You may slit open one if you want to check out the silver inside."
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Interesting! It's a great deal for those people with and IE8/0. Crystal wire is very expensive.
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I was VERY tempted to make some interconnects out of it!:evil:


great cable, tightens up the bass very good on the ie80. I don't know if I can go back to stock cable...:(

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