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Wanted: WTB/LF: Koss ESP950

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WTB/LF: Koss ESP950

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Just throwing this out there just in case anyone has one they might sell.  Last year I sold my perfect condition ESP950's for $550 and really regret letting them go.  Please let me know if you have a pair you'd sell for a reasonable price.


Sadly there's a guy on ebay selling them for $700, he's even local to me but won't cut me a break on price at all or even shipping by picking them up in person... WTF.

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Since this is a wtb thread, hope you don't mind me recommend you something else (or even asking your opinion)
How about stax 2170?
I used to crave esp950 and saw your esp950 sale above only to find it's already sold for a good price.
Then I get stax 2170 and I am VERY happy. Have you tried stax 2170?
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Not yet tried the 2170, thanks for the tip.  I'm not really sure what happened in 1 year to cause the secondary market for these to shoot up in price if/when they come around... they are the same darn phones from what 20 years ago?  LOL.

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