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So now that I have a few IEMs on my shortlist, can anyone help me with choosing between them?

On the board:


Decisions decisions!

If your still looking, ill recommend the fischer amps fa4e xb. You can order them from and get three years warranty. :)


I had the tf10 ages ago, so this is going off very bad memory. But I feel that the amps are an upgrade over them, with better sub bass and I think less mid bass (again bad memory), less recessed mids and more natural sounding treble with great extension and energy. Tf10's treble sounded a bit too artificial for me. I don't listen to metal but listen to a bit of rock and hard rock and can say the amps do well with those genre's, enough bass impact to keep them exciting with good speed to boot. Great clarity and detail with really good separation. Not the widest in terms of soundstage but its still impressive with a good sense of realism to it (being 3d). They fit me really well and isolation is excellent. Much better than than the tf10's.


Some negatives I would say the upper mids and lower treble are a bit recessed which makes the sound less fatiguing. At the same time the bass may be a bit much if you want a more neutral signature. Check out the fa4 thread for more impressions about them if you are interested.

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Well, that's one more for the list :P

Thanks for the suggestion and the detailed comparison however smily_headphones1.gif

Can anyone else that has used some of these help me hone in on the one that is right for me?
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PFE-232, really an upgrade to TF10. After almost one year with TF10, I got PFE-232 and TF10 is catching dust.


right now, it on sale 25% off

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The fa 4e are really good and it's said they are a first class triple fi 10 compared to other iems in the price range the fa 4e simply perform better in many sides, this, the great fit isolation and 3 years of warranty!

It's a no brainer xD
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