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JVC HA-MR77X top of the line JVC x series

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Got one of these from my work rewards program :)

I'll jump right in, these are big, 1st thing you notice holding these is the headband. It's big, heavy, and has metal adjusters.The rest of the headphone is plastic, feels sturdy but looks too gaudy and flashy. Cups swivel dj style.

Has a mic cable with an oddball 'compatibility switch' for older smartphones that have different mic plug pin assignments. If you read a review that says voices sound weird or underwater, the switch was in wrong spot. 

57mm drivers!! As expected these can be bass cannons. sound is a "V" shaped sound curve, emphasis on bass and upper mids/highs. can be driven by a smartphone, sound really tightens up with a little amping. These are better than its little brother, the ham55x by a good measure. Bass does not drown out the highs at all! I really like the sound on these as a fun headphone, again wish the style was less flashy. Too big to wear outside anyway!


More to come after some time with these..




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spent some time with these, highs more prominent, bass tamed a little, mids still recessed. Sound is very in your face highs and bass, like a dj headphone. Upper end clarity has cleared up and is very nice, especially for a 'fun' headphone. Seems to work better with female vocals rather than male. Will absolutely pound with a little amping!

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are the cups and cushions larger than the 55? - I need to get something chunky for my kid who let his XB700 get away.  (Those "XX" remind me of "Badass" bass bridges ;^)   ) - also, how would you compare the 77 to your HE-300?

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Going from memory, slightly larger. The he300 is much better in the mids, slightly rougher highs
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thanks  - from an earlier experience a few years back with a JVC XX 50mm over the ear can,  I would imagine MR77 to be somewhat rough/crude in the midrange -  HE300 plays hiphop well with regards to bass level - - is the MR77 cleaner in the bass->upper bass at higher levels than HE300?  I like a lot of old pop music, classical vocals, jazz but could use a clean high output capable "bass headphone" in my collection - preferably with reasonably low distortion.   I'm looking at MR77, Noontec Zoro, and HD439   - any suggestions?

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the mr77 is definitely distortion free at any volume. However, male vocals are its weakest spot, as the mids are recessed

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I've probably a refresher of the general sound of this line with an HA-M55x which arrived today and compared it on a Vali to:He300, T20RP, EVO681, MV1, Pro4aaT.  MV1 has likely the worst overall sound.  EVO681 exhibited more powerful bass than M55x on a cut from Dean Martin's 1959 "A Winter Romance"  - so much that a bit visceral and disconcerting due to the bass on that track being fully panned to the right channel.    Besides a basshead can, I'm looking for a can with overall better vocals than HE300 or EVO681 - is there such a thing that is inexpensive?  My T20 or T50 RP (both look identical externally) may need mods as there appears some glare due to internal reflections.

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a basshead can with good vocals and inexpensive - :) - u want it delivered by your new supermodel girlfriend driving your new Bentley too? j/k


try a JVC harx700 for 35$, OR A BEYERDYNAMIC COP for about 150$

the easiest mod on a fostex would be put on shure 840 pads. really brings out more bass, but amp required

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yeah - perhaps I'm asking for a wee too much but OTOH we see competent electronics with nice chassis such as Emotiva's XDA1/2 going for $200->$250 - seems like that would be more involved and expensive to produce than a headphone (- guess the setup to mold plastic is very pricey)


ordered the Shure pads - thanks


- wonder if Steez 808's two way drive cleans up modulation distortion?  - fwiw I didn't hear much "gargle" in the 55


re: Supermodel and Bently, I've had vertigo issues for 40yrs plus more in old age and wish could drive - here's a car I have in storage - not very practical nor quiet  http://img811.imageshack.us/img811/2923/o0zr.jpg

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OMG- that a wild car!

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Steez 808 so far is horribly uncomfortable - but I like its balance better than HE-300  - 808 seems good for classical music + rock

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First time comment by new Member.

(I'm on the Facebook site already)


Will absolutely pound with a little amping!


I live in Japan and I had the HA XM 20X which is the 55 in America and just got the 77's called the 30X here in Japan.


Having owned the Beats studio and Vmoda 100 I gotta say for the price these are absolutely ridiculous. I hear folks and see questions all around the web about the best bass headphones and I will go out on a limb here..a strong limb. I have been to every Japanese hi-fi shop and listened to my Cowon with a fiio e12 jacked into cans in the 600+ range and none of them made the wax shake out of my ears. Holy crap. Beats? They really truly do suck for the price. Vmoda? They are a tighter low end but not louder and were not able to be amped higher and distorted with the e12 volume at about 60% with the cowon at 36. Same as the beats. They both have 40 or 45 mm drivers I believe?


These 77's are thunderous. If that's not your thing then fine. I have been hunting for ridiculous but clean bass for a long time and found em....for 100 bucks...???? whaaaaat?

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What's the audible difference between the Ha-M55X's, and these? I looked it up, and the frequency range is best on the Ha-M55X's. I have the M-55X's right now. Is the treble less scratchy, or the bass even better than the M55's? I know they are a little more portable because of the folding. And loudness is another... And would the M55's or the M77's be louder with an FiiO E11 Kilimanjaro amp?
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The *cough* ...DJ:rolleyes: 77's (new) have a re-tuned driver and it sounded like the 55 in the mid (not much mids) but superior in the highs. 

The Bass is on another level. I don't know any cans that hit as hard as these. Better sound...plenty of cans...better undistorted heavy hit? none. 

I use a Fiio e12 with the gain switch on and the bass boost switch on. At regular volume I can see how some might not take to these but lifting the bass floor very high doesn't raise the highs to a fatigue level. At the point where my ears are at the limit everything is coming in beautifully.  I cannot comment on casual normal listening except the bass will go as low as you tune it.

The 55's seemed to do that but they started to distort around where Beats Studios (old version) did at extreme volume.

The 77's have brighter highs where the 55 have none IMO and you get more bass than your ears can handle....and have never exhibited distortion characteristics. (That's big for me...I'm a Basshead)



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The 55's don't distort that bad. I've never had distortion problems actually. Beats distort at about 1/4 the volume of the 55's get to without distortion. Don't know what you're talking about. At around 1/3 volume the beats studios(yes the old version) sound became unrecognizable because of an extremely loud crackling noise due to too much bass. But the m77's sound like they are absolutely fantastic! I'm going to buy them. I'm a bass head/ audiophile. I like to use multiple pairs depending on what I want out of the song. These headphones are fantastic for bass reproduction. I use it for dubstep with the amp on bass boost. They start jumping off my head.
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