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Um Miracle vs Um merlin

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I have a merlin and I will buy Miracle.

Is it good choice?

IsMiracle better than Merlin? wink.gif
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Depends. What is your music preference? What is your sound sig preference?
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I like dynamic sound and some major music style is vocal like R&B
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I guess the Merlin would be better. The Merlin has a more dynamic sound compared to the typically BA-sounding miracle. Ymmv tho
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Then, what is advantage of Miracle than merlin?
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Personally, the miracle and Merlin aren't too far apart. The miracle is just a slightly more refined and also less bassy Merlin. And I also think that miracle is actually close to neutral though it does sound like it has a slight mid bass hump due to te fact that the BAs UM uses can't produce sub bass as well they can produce mid bass
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