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For Sale: Peachtree Audio Dac-it X

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For Sale:
Peachtree Audio Dac-it X

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my Peachtree Audio Dac-it X.  Mint condition with all accessories: remote, cables, etc..  Bought it about a month ago.


Biggest change from the Dac-it is asynchronous USB up to 24/192.  I had both the Bifrost and the Dac-it x and I preferred the Dac-it x.


Reason for selling: upgrade to an expensiver dac!


Will post actual pictures if needed but it looks identical to stock pictures.

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did you prefer it over bifrost uber? or original bifrost. what were some reasons why you preferred it?
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Similar question as above, how did the two compare? uber/stock?

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The peachtree was colder but more resolving.  That said, this is sold.

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