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iFi at TTVJAudio!

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Hi All,


As you know we carry some very high end products and are always looking for great gear at great prices. At RMAF we sampled the iFi pieces and found them much to our liking. We received some demo gear to try at and have decided we like it a lot and will be carrying their full line of products.


iFi offers a fine line of Micro series products and will be introducing a Nano series that will be shipping soon. All are or will be available at TTVJAudio!


The iFi Micro iUSB ($199) features a separate USB power output and USB Digital signal output keeping the two apart and giving you way better USB power and the cleanest USB signal available.



The iFi iCan Pure Class A Headphone Amplifier ($259)

The iFi iDAC is a 24/192 HD USB DAC ($299)

As a Vinyl Junkie we of course like and recommend the iFi iPhono MM/MC Phono Preamplifier with EQ curves! A real steal at $399!

The iFi iTube Preamp ($299)

And let's not forget the iFi iLink USB to SPDIF converter. ($249)


And the Gemini Dual headed USB cable for use with the iUSB power supply keeps thing apart that need to be apart - your power and your audio signal! ($179 for .7M or $249 for 1.5M)


Come to www.ttvjaudio.com and ship for your iFi products or anything you need in high end, high value audio!



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Thank you Todd, Tom and the team.


It was really great to meet you guys at RMAF: CanJam.


Your 'micro' beers are not half bad either!


We are so envious of your huge beer coolers.


Welcome to the iFi fold and we look forward to catching up again next time we are Stateside.


If you are ever in the UK, we certainly show you one or two of our 'guest beers'.




iFi team.

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