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For Sale: .

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:

Will Ship To: USA/Canada


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Also might be interested in a Ultrasone Edition 8


PS:New people with no feedback please dont PM with messages consisting of one word like "price" as one of you just did.


Another note; Sorry but Im only interested in deals in USA/Canada

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Finally answered all PMs.

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I didn't get a reply
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^^^Dont see PM please resend

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One word PM is just rude. It applies not only to new people, it applies to all of us.


Nice gears you have. 

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^^Thank you sir


Note all the people I'm PMing with right now; heading to work I wont be back until late tonight so don't expect quick reply.


No offers have been finalized, but everything other than my DAC has been offered on. Thanks everyone

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Sorry for the delay guys had some stuff come up that I had to take care of. Im good now and ready to sell.

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Sent multiple pms
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PM sent

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HF2 is sold

And ASG2 might be gone soon too.

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